Planning Commission


The Planning Commission hears testimony from the public regarding development actions and gives a recommendation to City Council. The Commission reviews zone changes, plats, vacations and revisions to the Zoning Ordinance. Members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the Mayor. It is comprised of 5 - 7 members with various skills and knowledge.

Meeting Dates

The City Planning Commission usually meets on the first and third Monday of the month at 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers. The first Monday of every month is devoted to development actions. The mid-month meeting, or the third Monday, is devoted to long range planning concepts and ordinance revisions, modifications or additions. *Dates subject to change due to holidays.

See Calendar for meeting dates(PDF, 400KB)


View Projects Online

The documents accompanying the Planning Commission Agenda Items are available for your review as well. Click the link to go to our Citizen Access page. Go through the public access tab and enter either the project number or any part of the project name to find them.

Project numbers can be found on the Agenda itself or where we post the public notice online: View News Flash

Planning Commission Members

  • Greg Palmquist, Chair (2022)
  • Jeremy Arneson, Secretary (2021)
  • Phillip Regeski, Vice-Chair (2021)
  • James Bowers (2022)
  • Philip Griggs (2020)
  • Brian Tyrrell (2020)
  • Ted Gertsch (2020)

There are no vacancies at this time. However, applications(PDF, 16KB) are always accepted and will be kept on file. Applicants may be contacted as vacancies occur.

Agenda, Minutes & Audio

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Planning Commission Recordings (Audio Only)