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Allison Road 8

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Christensen Road 1

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About Our Plan & Vision

The City Engineer's Office is responsible for providing comprehensive and transparent oversight of all public infrastructure within the public right-of-way.  This oversight includes regulation, planning, programming, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair.


We have three primary goals:

  • Implement and administer a combined and streamlined Engineering plan and review process.
  • Hold paramount the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
  • Preserve and meet the future needs of the City's infrastructure.


  • Engineering Services:  Responsible for administering the public right-of-way and drainage facilities under the jurisdiction of the City of Cheyenne.  Performs reviews and approval of all construction plans for street improvements.  The City Engineer acts as the City's floodplain administrator for both City-regulated and Federal Emergency Management Agency-regulated floodplains.
  • Construction Management:  Administers all public Capital Improvement Construction Projects in the public right-of-way including administration of the City's annual Pavement Management Program.
  • 1%/Construction:  Reviews private land development proposals and plans for construction of associated facilities in public right-of-way; oversees permitting and inspecting of work performed by contractors within public right-of-way.
  • GIS:  Maintains the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) and asset management databases for public facilities.  This involves creating and maintaining digital mapping data as well as producing maps for use by the public and by various City Departments.
  • Traffic Engineering:  Ensures traffic facilities, new development, and redevelopment projects are designed following appropriate design guidelines to optimize mobility through the City.  Other vital tasks that are performed are the review of traffic related infrastructure which includes signals, signage, pavement markings, access, etc. within the City.

Staff Directory

City Engineer - Thomas D. Cobb, P.E.

Engineering Manager - Cassie Pickett, P.E.

Drainage Engineer - Wesley D. Bay, P.E.

Staff Engineer - Sam Berta

Staff Engineer - Erin Gates, P.E.

Traffic Engineer - Rick Amen, P.E

Operations Manager - Lorraine Peña

Development Coordinator - Trudy Kiolbasa

Construction Manager - Doug Klahn

Chief GIS Coordinator/Data Analyst - Joe Fisher


The City Engineer's Office provides the following services:

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Department Head

City Engineer Tom Cobb headshot

Thomas D. Cobb, P.E.