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About the Board:

The Board of Adjustment is the appointed body of the City responsible for appeals and quasi-judicial decisions under the zoning regulations. The Board of Adjustment consists of seven members appointed for a term of three years. Members may be reappointed for an additional three-year term. The Board has the authority to review and make the final decision on zoning variances, conditional use approvals, and appeals of administrative decisions (Article 1, Section 1.2.5 of the Unified Development Code). Additionally, the Board has the authority to hear appeals and affirm, modify, or overrule the final decision on site plans, temporary use approvals, administrative use approvals, and administrative adjustments (Section 1.2.5).

Board of Adjustment Meetings

The Board of Adjustment meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers. Agendas are available one week prior to the meeting. The agendas contain links to the staff reports for the corresponding projects and a Zoom link to attend the meeting virtually. Minutes are available 1-2 meetings after the respective meeting, and Video/Audio recordings are available upon request. Subscribe to this page for updates including new Agendas and Minutes.

Subscribe to this page by clicking the link at the bottom of the page for updates including new Agendas, Agenda Packets, and Minutes. 


January 19, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 276KB) Minutes(PDF, 144KB)
February 16, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 195KB) -- 
March 16, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 249KB)  Minutes(PDF, 212KB) 
April 20, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 253KB) Minutes(PDF, 184KB)
May 18, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 197KB) --
June 15, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 253KB) Minutes(PDF, 85KB)
July 20, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 253KB)  Minutes(PDF, 41KB) 
August 17, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 275KB) Minutes(PDF, 225KB)
September 21, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 265KB) Minutes 
October 19, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 265KB) Minutes
November 16, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 266KB)  Minutes
December 21, 2023 Agenda Minutes


January 16, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 109KB) Minutes
February 20, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 98KB) Minutes
March 19, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 96KB) Minutes
April 16, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 93KB) Minutes
May 21, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 195KB) --
June 18, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 103KB) Minutes
July 16, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 110KB) Minutes
August 20, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 133KB) Minutes
September 17, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 124KB) Minutes
October 15, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 74KB) --
November 19, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 234KB) Minutes
December 17, 2020 Agenda(PDF, 112KB) Minutes



Connor White
Development Office
2101 O'Neil Avenue, Suite 202
Cheyenne, WY  82001
(307) 638-4342


  • Trent Carroll (Chair) (Term through 2025)
  • Dustin Brown (Vice Chair) (Term through 2023)
  • Linda Burt (Secretary) (Term through 2024)
  • Erin LeBlanc (Term through 2024)
  • Anthony Laird (Term through 2023)
  • Markese Green (Term through 2025)
  • Curtis Clabaugh (Term through 2023)
    Jeffrey Boldt, Board Attorney



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