Planned Unit Development (PUD)

A planned unit development shall permit flexibility and creativity in site and building design and location in accordance with an approved plan and specific ordinance, which shall be written in a manner as to prevent adverse impacts and protect the public health, safety and welfare. Design excellence and the provision of outstanding public amenity shall be considered when establishing development standards. 

Below are the approved Planned Unit Developments within the City of Cheyenne.

Ordinances with an (A) next to them are the current active regulations. Ordinances without an (A) next to them have been completely replace by the amendment(s).  

Name of PUD 

 Original Ordinance 

(Date - Ordinance #)


(Date - Ordinance #)

 General Location 

 Airport Valley 1987 - Ord. 2994(PDF, 73KB) 1995 - Ord. 3256(PDF, 98KB) (A) 600 E Carlson 
Block 140 A (ORCA)  2010 - Ord. 3886(PDF, 237KB) (A) -  NE corner of Central and 24th St. 
 Block 596 (Old Johnson Jr. High)  2019 - Ord. 4281(PDF, 123KB) (A) -  215 E 8th St.
CFD Park and Ride  2019 - Ord. 4267(PDF, 174KB) (A) - W of Southwest Drive E of I-25 
Cheyenne Street Four Plexes  2005 - Ord. 3664(PDF, 142KB) (A) -  NE corner of College and Cheyenne St
 College Business Park 2005 - Ord. 3670(PDF, 334KB) (A) - NE corner of College and Laramie St.
Fairway Addition 1985 - Ord. 2896(PDF, 684KB) (A) 236 Manewal Dr.
Frontier Mall  1991 - Ord. 3132(PDF, 745KB) (A) 2006 - Ord. 3724(PDF, 268KB) (A) 1400 Dell Range Blvd. 
Frontier Square  1981 - Ord. 2600(PDF, 161KB) 1994 - Ord. 3237(PDF, 249KB) (A)  N of Dell Range between Frontier Mall Dr. and Prairie Ave. 
G&F Diamond Development 1984 - Ord. 2847 (PDF, 601KB)(A) - McCann Ave. N of Rock Springs 
Harmony Meadows 2002 - Ord. 3501(PDF, 157KB) 2004 - Ord. 3597(PDF, 721KB) (A) W of Walterscheid S of Allison Rd. 
Harmony Valley 2019 - Ord. 4274(PDF, 5MB) (A) N of College E of Parsley 
Highland Village  1982 - Ord. 3027(PDF, 253KB) (A) S of I-80 W of Morrie Ave. 
Hospital 2011 - Ord. 3931(PDF, 185KB) (A) - E of Warren N of E 22nd St S of E 25th St. 
JL Ranch 2006 - Ord. 3733(PDF, 1MB) 2008 - Ord. 3835(PDF, 149KB) (A) S of HR Ranch Rd. E of Burlington Trl. 
Life Care Center 1984 - Ord. 2832(PDF, 108KB) (A) 2007 - Ord. 3783(PDF, 351KB)(A) 1330 and 1406 Prairie Ave. 
Mountainview Park, Block 5 1988 - Adoption of Title 17(PDF, 240KB) 2011 - Ord. 3938(PDF, 72KB) (A) 2401 Pershing Blvd.
Murray Office Park 2nd 1989 - Ord. 3053(PDF, 363KB) (A) - W of Yellowstone S of Praire Hills Dr. 
Overland Trails 1984 - Resolution 2837(PDF, 2MB) (A) - West of I-25 adjacent to College Dr. 
Paul A Smith Manor 2006 - Ord. 3732(PDF, 643KB) (A) -  N of E 25 between Van Lennen and Maxwell 
Point Plaza 2009 - Ord. 3841(PDF, 2MB) (A)

2019 - Ord. 4291(PDF, 79KB) (A)

2022 - Ord. 4458(PDF, 131KB) (A)

 NW corner of Powderhouse and Gardenia 
Redwood Villa 1984 - Ord. 2820(PDF, 524KB) (A) - N of Dell Range between Townsend Pl. and  Ogallala Pl.
Silver East Subdivision 1985 - Ord. 2916(PDF, 464KB) (A) - E of College N of E 12th St. 
Silver Gate Addition, 2nd Filing 1984 - Ord. 2807(PDF, 85KB) 1985 - Ord. 2878(PDF, 818KB) (A) N of Lincolnway E of Pinion Dr. 
Storey Acres, 2nd Filing 2008 - Ord. 3799(PDF, 1MB) (A) - S of Storey Blvd. E of Sunset Dr.
Sunflower 2017 - Ord. 4198(PDF, 85KB) (A) - 2900 Sunflower Rd. 
 Swan Ranch 2013 - Ord. 3989(PDF, 702KB) (A) - Between I-25 and Berwick Dr.
Sweetgrass 2019 - Ord. 4286(PDF, 2MB)

2020 - Administrative(PDF, 8MB)

 2022 - Administrative(PDF, 5MB) 

2023 - Ord. 4524(PDF, 4MB) (A)

S of College E of Avenue C 
The Enclave 2020 - Ord. 4336(PDF, 3MB) (A) - W of Yellowstone N of North Gate Ave.
The Victorians 2003 - Ord. 3522(PDF, 702KB) (A) - Cobblestone Ct 
The Village 2007 - Ord. 3741(PDF, 746KB) (A) 2021 - Ord. 4348(PDF, 117KB) (A) S of Storey between Powderhouse and Sycamore