Downtown Development Authority

What is the Downtown Development Authority?

The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a municipal authority. The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority is to engage in activities in support of business recruitment and development. Close cooperation between City and the Board of the Downtown Development Authority is both expected and anticipated. To the extent that this cooperation can be provided within the framework of the normal course of the carrying out the duties of each entity, the cooperation can and will be provided as each entity requests and as each entity can satisfy those requests.

Our mission: Be a catalyst for economic development, redevelopment and revitalization in downtown.


Where can I find more information?

The DDA maintains a separate webpage,, where additional information is available.     


The City of Cheyenne Planning and Development Department provides professional and administrative assistance to the DDA Board of Directors. Effective March 3, 2023, future meeting minutes and agendas will be available at this website. Minutes are available 1-2 meetings after the respective meeting. Historic archives and records are available here: Archive Records | Downtown Cheyenne. Regular meetings occur at 10 a.m. on the third Thursday of every month in Room 118 of the City of Cheyenne Municipal Building at 2101 O'Neil Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001

2023 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Special Meeting
March 3, 2023 
Agenda(PDF, 104KB) Minutes(PDF, 17KB)
Special Meeting
March 13, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 107KB) Minutes(PDF, 128KB)
Special Meeting
April 6, 2023 
Agenda(PDF, 132KB) Minutes(PDF, 80KB)
April 20, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 88KB)  Corrected Minutes(PDF, 77KB)   
May 18, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 143KB)  
June 15, 2023    
July 20, 2023     
 August 17, 2023    
 September 21, 2023    
October 19, 2023    
November 16, 2023     
December 21, 2023     


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District Map:


Executive Board

  • Wendy Volk, President 

  • Bruce Heimbuck

  • Dave Teubner

  • Stephanie Reece

  • Pete Laybourn

  • Amber Nuse

  • Danica Mrozinsky

  • Jamie Winters



For questions regarding the DDA , please call (307) 433-9730. 

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