City Treasurer Resources, Documents, & Forms

Adopted & Proposed Budgets

Copies of the City's Adopted Annual Budget documents for Fiscal Years 2019-2022 are available below. For archived documents please click here. Note: some files are larger than others and may take several minutes to download:

A copy of the City's Proposed Annual Budget document for Fiscal Year 2026 will be posted in the spring.   

Annual Financial Reports

The City contracts with an independent certified public accountant firm to conduct an annual audit of the City’s financial records and internal control systems.  As a result of the annual audits, the City Treasurer publishes an Annual Financial and Compliance Report.  Copies of these reports for Fiscal Years 2018-2021 can be found below.  For archived reports please click here.

Capital Improvement Plans

A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is an important instrument used by the City for planning and managing capital assets.  Below are copies of the current CIP documents. For archived documents please click here.

Narrative Budget Reports

Prepared in accordance with the requirements of Resolution No. 5533, copies of the City's Narrative Budget Reports provided to the Governing Body are available below for Fiscal Years 2019-2024. For archived reports please click here.

City of Cheyenne Schedule of Fees

Below is a listing of all fees for services provided by the City of Cheyenne:


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