Downtown Development Authority

What is the Downtown Development Authority? The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a municipal authority. The DDA's purpose is to engage in activities in support of business recruitment and development. Close cooperation between City and the DDA is both expected and anticipated. To the extent that this cooperation can be provided within the framework of the normal course of the carrying out the duties of each entity, the cooperation can and will be provided as each entity requests and as each entity can satisfy those requests.

Our mission: Be a catalyst for economic development, redevelopment and revitalization in downtown.




Plan of Development:

Plan of Development Update 2024

On September 21, 2023, the DDA executed a contract with Logan Simpson to update the Plan of Development. Staff's primary mission is to support the DDA by implementing the goals of the Plan of Development.


The City of Cheyenne Planning and Development Department provides professional and administrative assistance to the DDA Board of Directors. Effective March 3, 2023, future meeting minutes and agendas will be available at this website. Minutes are available 1-2 meetings after the respective meeting. Historic archives and records are available here: Archive Records | Downtown Cheyenne. Regular meetings occur at 10 a.m. on the third Thursday of every month in Room 118 of the City of Cheyenne Municipal Building at 2101 O'Neil Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001.  The DDA's Bylaws can be found here(PDF, 190KB).


January 18, 2024  Agenda(PDF, 149KB) Minutes (PDF, 68KB)
 February 15, 2024 Agenda(PDF, 148KB) Minutes (PDF, 81KB)
 March 21, 2024  Agenda(PDF, 123KB) Minutes (PDF, 60KB)
 April 18 2024 Agenda (PDF, 120KB) Minutes(PDF, 53KB) 
 May 16, 2024 Agenda(PDF, 143KB) Minutes(PDF, 57KB)
 June 20, 2024 Agenda(PDF, 145KB)  Minutes 
 July 18, 2024 (PDF, 152KB)Agenda(PDF, 152KB)  
 August 15, 2024    
 September 19, 2024    
 October 17, 2024    
 November 21, 2024    
 December 19, 2024    


Special Meeting
March 3, 2023 
Agenda(PDF, 104KB) Minutes(PDF, 17KB)
Special Meeting
March 13, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 107KB) Minutes(PDF, 128KB)
Special Meeting
April 6, 2023 
Agenda(PDF, 132KB) Minutes(PDF, 80KB)
April 20, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 88KB)  Minutes(PDF, 77KB)   
May 18, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 143KB) Minutes(PDF, 127KB) 
June 15, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 141KB) Minutes(PDF, 127KB) 
Special Meeting
July 13, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 160KB)  Minutes(PDF, 125KB) 
 August 17, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 91KB) Minutes(PDF, 116KB)
 Special Meeting September 14, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 85KB)   Minutes(PDF, 49KB)  
September 21, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 88KB) Minutes(PDF, 51KB)  
October 19, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 90KB)   Minutes(PDF, 51KB)  
November 16, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 91KB)   Minutes(PDF, 108KB)
 November 20, 2023 (Joint meeting with DDA and Planning Commission) Agenda(PDF, 293KB)


Draft Minutes(PDF, 207KB)

Cheyenne Planning Commission

December 21, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 40KB)   No meeting 

Executive Board

  • Scott Roybal (City Council), President

  • Wendy Volk, Vice President  

  • Brian Bau

  • John Karajanis

  • Danica Mrozinsky

  • Amber Nuse

  • Janelle Rose

  • Dave Teubner

  • Lorrell Walter 

  • Jamie Winters 



More Information:


Question:  What are the parking rules downtown?

Answer:  Many areas, including the parking structures, are two-hour parking zones which are enforced 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. More information is online here: Cheyenne Police Department Parking Information page

Question:  What are the open container rules in the DDA district?  

Answer:  Malt beverages and wine are the only types of alcohol allowed; hard liquor in open containers is not allowed. The open container ordinance only applies to person traveling on foot Open containers are allowed year-round year-round from 12 to 10 p.m. More information is online here: City Clerk's information page


Capital Improvement Grant 

The purpose of this grant is to support and encourage private investment that benefits the public realm within the Downtown Development Authority District, Annually funds are allocated and awarded on a first-come-first serve basis. Funding is reimbursement-based and subject to review and approval by the DDA Board. Additional information can be found on the application.

The following link will take you to our online permit portal. Registration will be required. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Any pre-application meeting notes regarding this project 
  2. Plan view or building elevations (in some cases photographs will be acceptable)
  3. Two estimates or quotes for the proposed improvements to be funded.  
  4. Any relevant planning, zoning, or building permit applications. 

DDA Pre-Application Meeting Request

Capital Improvement Grant Application 

Downtown COVID Rental Assistance Program

The Downtown Rental Assistance Program is a one-time, needs-based grant program that can provide up to 6 months of rental assistance, with a maximum grant award not to exceed $5,000 per applicant. Additional information can be found on the application.

Rental Assistance Application(PDF, 143KB)

Report a Concern

  • To report nuisance, trash, sidewalk, or snow concerns, please utilize the City's Report a Concern page by clicking here: Report a Concern

  • To report a nonemergency and non-life-threatening crime to the Cheyenne Police Department, please click here: Online Crime Reporting



Annual Budget

Pursuant to the bylaws, the present fiscal year budget and the prior two years budgets are required to be published on the website.  Information on the current budget and prior two years may be found below. 

FY 2024 (present year)(PDF, 87KB)

FY 2023(PDF, 264KB)

FY 2022(PDF, 661KB)


District Map




For questions regarding the DDA , please call (307) 433-9730. 

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