Weed, Pest, Vector Control

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To see additional information, make service requests, and find notifications for Weed and Pest Treatments, visit www.weedandpest.org.
Weed, Pest and Vector Control operates under state statutes, is funded by the county, and works in the City on right of ways, drainages, and public lands including Board of Public Utilities and Airport lands. 

The department manages approximately 15,000 acres using bio-rational integrated pest management procedures for noxious/poisonous plant control and vector borne disease control. 


Weed, Pest and Vector Control also:

  • Provides information about plants, insects, and arachnid specimens for the general public as well as other government agencies
  • Gives recommendations for the safest control measures
  • Concentrates control efforts on mosquitoes and filth flies using predominantly biological control agents
  • Works primarily in support of agricultural interest such as the control of invasive alien and/or exotic plants considered to be undesirable by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.
  • Bubonic Plague control work done on occasion and when deemed necessary

Hours by appointment. 

Contact Information
Office Phone: 307-637-6475

Steven Trowbridge 
Weed and Pest Manager

Reid Putnam 
Integrated Pest Management Specialist