Weed and Pest Planned Activity

Weed and Pest Activity Map

The map linked below will allow you to see where and when Weed and Pest has been working in the City.

Weed and Pest Activity Map


Mosquito Control Applications

Weed and Pest will be applying BTI daily to control immature mosquitoes in and around Cheyenne (what you need to know about BTI).


Herbicide Applications

Herbicides will be applied when needed to control designated noxious weeds on City owned property.  Times, locations, and product used will be listed here on the day before the applications. All applications are on a weather permitting basis.

Weed and Pest, Compliance, Forestry, and the Parks Division will be applying bare ground herbicide to select medians and right of ways to control unwanted vegetation as needed.

Wednesday, October 5th

Sun Valley Park Open Space: Telar XP and Milestone to control Dalmatian Toadflax and Canada Thistle