Geographical Information Services (GIS)


The Geographic Information System (GIS) department supports the City of Cheyenne and its citizens through the application of GIS technologies.  These technologies allow any type of spatial (location driven) information to be stored, queried, analyzed and shared.


It is the goal of the City of Cheyenne GIS department to support the city in their use of GIS by creating quality maps and online mapping applications, as well as the creation, maintenance, and analysis of spatial data.  We strive to make these technologies available and useful to various city departments, elected officials, public citizens, and private businesses.


  • Creation and maintenance of spatial data
  • Querying and Analysis of spatial data
  • Paper/Static map creation
  • Creation and maintenance of online web-maps and apps  
  • Field data collection
  • GIS Education

Maps, Data, & Additional Info

ArcGIS Online Map Gallery

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Cheyenne/ Laramie County GIS Cooperative


Contact Information/Staff Directory

2101 O'Neil Ave., Rm. 207
Cheyenne, WY   82001
Main Phone:  (307) 637-6272
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm