Affordable Housing Task Force


The Affordable Housing Task Force was established to assess the current and projected future landscape of housing affordability in the City and evaluate current programs and initiatives to produce new affordable housing and preserve existing ones. It is charged with making specific recommendations to the Governing Body while working closely with partners at the county, state, and federal levels to better coordinate affordable housing funding, programs, and initiatives to maximize opportunities. The task force will consist of a diverse group of stakeholders inside and outside of government. Members of the task force are comprised of the following:

  • Four individuals with an interest in housing and housing related matters in Cheyenne (e.g., COMEA, Family Promise, My Front Door, Community Action of Laramie County)
  • One individual representing the Cheyenne Housing Authority
  • One individual representing the real estate community to be selected by the Cheyenne Board of Realtors
  • One individual experienced in local residential construction
  • One individual experienced in banking/financing
  • One individual from the City of Cheyenne Planning and Development Department
  • One individual representing Cheyenne LEADS
  • One individual representing the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

Bylaws of The Affordable Housing Task Force(PDF, 101KB)


In late summer 2022, the Task Force released its final report that included several recommendations to improve housing affordability in Cheyenne:

Affordable Housing Final Report - August 2022


Past Meetings

June 21, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 147KB)  | Minutes

June 7, 2023  Agenda(PDF, 147KB) | Minutes(PDF, 34KB)

May 11, 2023  Agenda | Minutes(PDF, 89KB)

May 9, 2022  Agenda(PDF, 155KB) | Minutes(PDF, 197KB)

April 11, 2022  Agenda(PDF, 141KB) | Minutes(PDF, 198KB)

March 14, 2022  Agenda(PDF, 154KB) | Minutes(PDF, 157KB)

February 14, 2022  Agenda(PDF, 144KB) | Minutes(PDF, 144KB)

January 10, 2022  Agenda | Minutes(PDF, 163KB)

December 13, 2021  Agenda(PDF, 145KB) | Minutes (PDF, 141KB)

November 8, 2021  Agenda(PDF, 157KB) | Minutes(PDF, 221KB)

October 11, 2021  Agenda(PDF, 110KB) | Minutes(PDF, 202KB)

September 13, 2021  Agenda(PDF, 110KB) | Minutes(PDF, 209KB) 

August 9, 2021  Agenda(PDF, 122KB) | Minutes(PDF, 285KB)

July 15, 2021  Agenda(PDF, 151KB) | Minutes(PDF, 197KB)




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