County Pockets Annexation

City Development Action for Annexation and Rezoning Under Review Sign

Within the boundaries of the City exist approximately 60 County pockets. County pockets are unincorporated areas of land surrounded by the City that are typically not served by City services and have been developed in accordance with County rules and regulations.  The City Council identified the annexation of county pockets as a 2022 priority. The City intends to initiate annexation of pockets 100% surrounded by the City pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 15-1-404 in phases. Annexing properties will also require establishment of a City zone district.

County pockets 100% surrounded by the City can be found online at this interactive map

     County Pockets Map

Since these annexation actions are City-initiated, property owners will not be responsible for fees or costs that are typically associated with annexation and zoning. This represents a financial savings for property owners annexed ($5,000 - $10,000 typical cost for mapping and surveying and $2,225 in City application fees).  

County pockets are not served by Cheyenne Fire Rescue or the Cheyenne Police Department and depend on a Fire District and Sheriff Deputy response for emergency which oftentimes result in a delayed response.  Typically, water and sewer service are not provided, however in certain cases users have entered into an outside user’s agreement for service which mandates an increased rate (150% of the in-City cost).  Upon annexation, rates for users presently subject to an outside user’s agreement will default to City-standard rates.

At the time of annexation, the City will not require upgrade to any individual properties or structures, installation of any public utilities, connection to City services, or upgrades to adjacent streets. Public improvements will only be required upon a development action, such as subdivision of a property, construction of new multifamily or non-residential development, or a change of use of the property.  Permits for remodeling or additions to existing structures, that retain their existing use, or connections to water and sewer systems, will not trigger full public improvements.  

County Pocket Annexation #2 Annexation and Zoning Information:

On September 20, 2023, the City mailed a courtesy notice to 50 property owners within the area proposed for County pocket #2 annexation.  This annexation is comprised of 50-parcels located in nine pockets north of Dell Range Boulevard and west of Powderhouse Road. A map showing the general location of pockets to be annexed is online here: County Pocket #2 Annexation Area Map(PDF, 297KB)

Property zoning will utilize the City's assigned zoning policy for guidance. That policy establishes the City zone district that is most similar to the County zone district for the property. A full list of analogous districts is online here: Assigned Zoning. The proposed assigned zoning for the annexation area is here: Proposed Zones(PDF, 285KB)

The annexation and zoning approval schedule is below.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Resolution certifying compliance introduction

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Public Services Committee

Monday, October 9, 2023

Final consideration of resolution

Monday, November 6, 2023

Zoning consideration by Planning Commission (zoning public hearing only)

Monday, November 13, 2023

Annexation and Zoning ordinances Governing Body public hearing (annexation) and introduction and referral

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Annexation and Zoning ordinances Public Services Committee

Monday, November 27, 2023

Annexation and Zoning ordinances Governing Body second reading

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Annexation and Zoning ordinances Public Services Committee

Monday, December 11, 2023

Annexation and Zoning ordinances Governing Body third and final Reading

Approximately December 14, 2023

Annexation ordinance and map recording

Assessment Estimator

The table below shows an estimate of how annexation may affect property taxes for a specific property. The table also notes the expected City-revenue from the City's 8.0 mill assessment which supports the City's non-enterprise funds and special projects. 

Market Value County Assessment  City Assessment  Increased Annual Assessment  General Fund Revenue 
 $75,000  $478 $514  $36 $57
 $125,000  $797  $857 $59  $95
 $175,000  $1,116 $1,199 $83 $133
 $225,000  $1,435  $1,542  $107  $171
 $275,000  $1,754  $1,885  $131  $209
 $325,000  $2,073  $2,227  $154  $247
 $375,000  $2,392  $2,570  $178  $285
 $425,000  $2,711  $2,913  $202  $323
 $475,000  $3,030  $3,255  $226  $361
 $525,000  $3,540  $3,804  $264  $422


For more detailed estimates, a property tax estimator is available for download here: Property Tax Estimator(XLSX, 11KB)

Utilities and Public Improvements  

Upon annexation, properties will be have police and fire response, pay City-water and sewer rates if connected, and be eligible for sewer and water service connections. Tap and system development fees are not waived as part of the annexation and any active reimbursement agreements will still apply. Ordinances have recently been revised to clarify that a connection to water or sewer will not trigger public improvements such as construction of street, curb, gutter, and sidewalk.  In certain cases, main extensions may be required to provide sewer or water service. Connections to City services must be installed to Board of Public Utility standards.

In the event an existing septic system fails or needs replacement and connection is not feasible, an exception process exists to allow septic system replacement if a hardship exists. 

Public improvements such as road construction, will only be required upon action by the property owner.  Public improvements will be required upon subdivision or change of use.  Road construction will not be required for sewer or water connections. 

Solid Waste Collection Requirements 

Upon approval a County Pockets annexation, City solid waste service will be required.  If your property is in the process of being annexed, contact the Sanitation Division to set up a sanitation-only account. They can be reached at 307-637-6440 Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Additional information  is on their website at:

Land Use Expectations

Upon annexation, lands will typically be zoned in accordance with PlanCheyenne which is the City and County's joint Land Use Plan. The existing use of the property, including any livestock use, will be allowed to continue as is as a nonconforming use.  Nonconforming uses may continue until they are abandoned for a period of 12-months. 

Residents are encouraged to complete the following form detailing the existing use of the land for documentation purposes. Documentation of existing conditions can be provided in a variety of ways. Written narratives supported by site photos, business licenses, tax statements, leases, and relevant information are encouraged. This form can be found below:

       Land Use Documentation Form 

Voluntary Annexation Form

Residents wishing to be annexed by the City in the early stages of this project may complete the Voluntary City-initiated Annexation form. City staff will contact you prior to annexation regarding proposed zoning and the need for surveying or collection of additional information. The form can be found below:

     Voluntary City-initiated Annexation Form

June 24th City Council Work Session

On June 24, 2022, the City Council held a work session on this topic.  The PowerPoint Presentation is available here: Presentation (PDF, 2MB)

The Work Session video is available here: 

Useful Links


Community Plan (2014):

This element of the plan was adopted in 2014 and addresses the community’s basic form and land-use patterns.  The plan can be accessed here: Community Plan

Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2006):

This element of the plan was adopted in 2006 and addresses the community’s parks and recreation needs.  The plan is available at the following link: Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Long Range Transportation Plan (2020): 

This element of the plan was adopted in 2020 and addresses the community’s current and future transportation needs. The plan is available at the following link: Connect 2045(PDF, 112MB)

Future Land Use Plan and Transportation Plan Map (2020):   

This element of the plan was adopted in 2020 and represents a regional Future Land Use and Transportation Plan. The plan is available by clicking here:   Future Land Use Plan(PDF, 2MB)

For information Zoning: Cheyenne General Information Map 

For information on property taxes, visit the County Assessor's page here: County Assessor's Page

For information regarding Property Tax, including Mill Levies, visit the County Treasurer's general information page here: County Treasurer's General Information Page