Notice of Final Settlement

In accordance with Wyoming Statute § 16-6-116. Payment to contractor; substantial completion; final completion; required notices, "(ii) Upon issuance of a certificate of substantial completion, cause notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation, published nearest the point at which the work is being carried on, once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks, and posted on the state procurement website or the public entity’s official website. The notice shall set forth in substance that the public entity has accepted the work, or designated portion thereof, as substantially complete according to the contract and associated documents and that the general contractor is entitled to payment as provided in paragraph (iii) of this subsection upon the forty-first day (and the notice shall specify the exact date) after the notice was first published and posted. If the contract provides for multiple substantial completions, this paragraph shall apply to each substantial completion designated in the contract;"

The following projects are currently in the process of Advertisement for Notice of Final Completion:   


Street and Alley Department Tent Building Repairs, and Door Repairs(PDF, 63KB)

Airport Fountain Phase II - Terracotta Restoration(PDF, 63KB)

2021 City Overlay Part 1(PDF, 64KB)