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General Information:

The City of Cheyenne Purchasing Office, WILL NEVER post Bids or Proposals on 3rd Party Websites (Such as Planhouses).  The City of Cheyenne has NO control over the data that 3rd Party Websites display, and is not responsible for wrong or inaccurate information.

The most recent & up-to-date information will always be posted on the individual Bid or Proposal Posting on the City of Cheyenne's Website,

City of Cheyenne Bids & Proposals are posted here:  

Bids and Proposals

Navigating Bids & Proposals:

Each Bid or Proposal will be listed on the main Bids and Proposals page.  You must click on the individual Bid or Proposal to select or view that individual item.

Planholders List:

The City of Cheyenne maintains a Planholders list for every Bid or Proposal.  When you complete the form to receive the Bidding or Proposal documents for a project, you will be automatically added to the Planholders list.  If you would like to request a copy of a Planholders list, please e-mail the City's Purchasing Manager, TJ Barttelbort, to request a copy.  Please provide the Bid or Proposal Number that you are referencing.

Request a Copy of a Planholders List

Bid / Proposal Documents & Related Information:

Below is a photograph showing where the data for each Bid or Proposal can be found.

 Screen Shot of Bid Page with How-To Guide Info


 If you have questions about the City of Cheyenne's Bids & Proposals, please contact the City's Purchasing Manager, TJ Barttelbort. 

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