Bids and Proposals

All Bids and Proposals for the City of Cheyenne are listed on this Bids and Proposals Page.  All Bidding Documents, Plans, Addendum, and Backup Information will be uploaded on the individual Bid/Proposal Posting.  Please see below for all Bids and Proposals that are currently open.  Bids that have been Awarded / Cancelled / Closed can be found, here.

The City Municipal Building is currently closed due to Boiler problems.  Bidders mailing their submission will not be affected by this.  Bidders wishing to hand deliver bids may utilize the drop box on the outside of the municipal building (photos attached).

If any bidder wishes to utilize the drop box, please call (307) 773-1045 or email after you hand deliver your Bid, so that Purchasing may retrieve your Bid from the drop box.


Bids & Proposals Info Page

Looking for Bids and Proposals that have been Awarded / Closed / Cancelled?  Click Here 

Helpful Tips

The City of Cheyenne ONLY posts Bids and Proposals on the official City of Cheyenne Website (

Any 3rd Party Sources such as plan-houses may not have the most current, or up-to-date content. The City of Cheyenne never charges a fee to download Bidding Documents.

Questions & Inquiries

For general questions relating to Bids or Proposals, please contact the City of Cheyenne Purchasing Manager.

TJ Barttelbort

Office: (307) 773-1045


E-Mail Purchasing

Location & Hours

The City of Cheyenne Purchasing Office is located on the 3rd Floor of the City of Cheyenne Municipal Building, at 2101 O'Neil Ave, Room 309, Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Bid Openings are held in Room 307.


The Purchasing Office hours are Monday through Friday, 08:00 AM–05:00 PM

Other Bid Opportunities

All City of Cheyenne Bids & Proposals will be found here on this page.

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Notice of Final Settlement

Bids that are currently being advertised for Notice of Final Settlement can be found here:  Notice of Final Settlement