Animal Control



Our Animal Control Officers aim to keep citizens and pets safe throughout Cheyenne and Laramie County. We thank the citizens and visitors of Cheyenne for their help in reporting animal control issues. We'd also like to thank the citizens of Cheyenne for always helping each other reunite lost pets with their loved ones! We all play an important role and together we can best provide a safe and sustainable quality of life for our animals.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM



(307)-637-6524 (Emergency Only After Hours)


Staff Directory

Animal Control Supervisor 

Officer Wagner

(307) 631-6773 

Animal Control Officers 

Officer Dryden 

Officer Nguyen 

Officer Shannon 

Animal Control Dispatcher 

Heidi Teasley 

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Animal Control Emergencies

Call Animal Control from 8am-6pm, Monday to Sunday
Call after hours emergency number at all other times


Aggressive animal

  • Currently at-large posing a threat 

Animal bites 

  • Bites inflicted on a human being that BROKE skin  

At-large animal

  • Unrestrained OFF its property in a high-traffic area 


  • Injured 

  • Severely sick  

  • Left outside without convenient and safe access to shelter to protect them from the weather 

Wellness-check in vehicle

  • Left unattended without adequate ventilation or in such a manner as to subject the animal to extreme temperatures which adversely affect its health or welfare 


  • A certain wild animal (skunk, raccoon, etc.) bit or is attempting to bite a person or pet 


Animal Control Non-Emergencies



  • Unrestrained OFF its property in a low-traffic area 

Animal waste 

  • Person owning, keeping, possessing or harboring any animal didn’t remove and dispose of, in a prompt and sanitary manner, feces left by the animal on any public property, or any private property not owned or lawfully occupied by such person 

  • Excessive wastes that may potentially harm public health 


  • Bites inflicted on a human being that did NOT break skin 

Confined animal 

  • Restricted in an area (ex: dog that was at-large is now confined inside your house and you are unable to take it to the shelter) 

Deceased animal (in city) 

  • Owner or person having possession of a dead animal or cannot be found

Public Nuisance 

  • Molests passersby, animals, or passing vehicles 

  • Damages property 

  • Barks, whines, howls, or makes other noise in an excessive, or untimely continuous fashion (After Hours - call Law Enforcement Dispatch: 307-637-6524) 

Trapped Animal 

  • Domestic animal caught in a trap (ex: dog, cat, pet rabbit) 

*If you attempt to trap a domestic animal but a wild animal got trapped instead, you are responsible for releasing that animal. Contact a local pest control company for assistance 


Animal Control Ordinances and State Statutes

Cheyenne Animal Shelter Info

Phone Number 

(307) 632-6655 

Hours of Operation 

Monday – Saturday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM 


800 Southwest Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007 

If you’d like to report a lost pet or if you think your lost pet was brought to the shelter by a citizen or by Animal Control, please click here to visit the shelter’s Lost & Found webpage or call them during their hours of operation.