Cheyenne Regional Airport Fountain


The Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board (CHPB) is recognized as a Certified Local Government (CLG) by the U.S. Department of the Interior, which allows them to apply for federal grants for historic preservation. In addition to these federal CLG grants, the Board receives funding from different state and local resources. In the past five years, the Board has received over $150,000 in grants from the Department of the Interior through the State Historic Preservation Office, the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, and various local organizations.

The Board has utilized state grant funding for several of their projects including restoring the Airport Fountain; relocating the Warren Rest House to Holliday Park; and expanding the Downtown and Capitol North Historic Districts. They also contribute to funding for other historic preservation projects in the community like the restoration of the Lakeview Cemetery Vault and the replacement of windows on the historic Cheyenne Depot. In addition to project-based grants, the Board applies for two operational grants each year. One of these grants allows the Board to send its members to historic preservation conferences so they can learn more about best practices in historic preservation and serve the City of Cheyenne to the best of their ability. Second, the Board partners with the Downtown Development Authority to offer architectural services to applicants of the Façade Improvement Program.

The mission of the CHPB is to preserve the historic integrity of the City of Cheyenne; they fulfill this goal by advocating for historic structures in Cheyenne and educating the community about historic preservation. Grant funding is essential for the Board to continue funding projects that preserve our historic structures and remember important people and places in Cheyenne’s history. For questions about historic preservation grants, please contact Lonnie Olson in the Planning Department at 307-637-6307 or