Floodplain Services


City of Cheyenne's Flood Hazard

Flooding in Cheyenne is typically caused by heavy thunderstorm activity which can occur from late spring through early fall.  The most deadly of this type of thunderstorm was evidenced on August 1, 1985.  This storm event resulted in a 24-hour record rainfall,  12 deaths and $65 million in property damage with significant flooding along Dry Creek and Crow Creek.

Flooding can occur in any area and may consist of shallow ponding or overbank flooding and flood depths may exceed two feet.  This type of flooding can cause local drainage problems such as backed up sewer and storm sewers designed to drain street and ponding in certain areas.  In some cases, yard ponding will cause or aggravate basement flooding.  Flooded streets and yards can cause or aggravate both health and safety issues and disrupts traffic.

The City of Cheyenne would like all residents to be aware of this potential hazard and what you can do to increase your personal safety and decrease your exposure to property damage during a flood.  Flood maps and flood protection references are available a the Laramie County Library.  Additional flood information such as Base Flood Elevations for FEMA regulated floodplains, information on flood-proofing a building, and licensed contractors can be obtained by visiting with Engineering Services Department Staff.  This Office is located at:

       2101 O'Neil Ave., Rm. 206
       Cheyenne, WY   82001
       (307) 637-6268