Safety Tips

Fire prevention and safety involves education and awareness programs to increase the safety of our community and protect property.  Fire Prevention is the key to saving lives, and fire prevention education is the first step in the Fire Department's commitment to protecting the lives and property of our citizens. 

The Cheyenne Fire Department is committed to providing its citizens with the most comprehensive information and assistance possible. This site is designed to provide information and tips on home and business safety. If you have questions, please contact us.

Home Safety


Fireworks_1.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

Chimney-Sweep_.pdf(PDF, 54KB)

grilling_fire_safety_flyer.pdf(PDF, 505KB)

When-and-How-to-Use-a-Fire-Extinguisher_1.pdf(PDF, 786KB)


School Safety

CampusSafetyTips.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Fire-Safety-Checklist-for-Students.pdf(PDF, 397KB)


Holiday Safety

Halloween-Safety-Tips.pdf(PDF, 433KB)


Injury Prevention/ Other helpful

US-Oxygen-Fire-Study-WEB-FINAL-1.pdf(PDF, 145KB)