City Attorney

General Counsel

The City Attorney's Office is committed to serving the public by providing legal support and advice to the Mayor, the City Council, and City departments, boards and commissions. The City Attorney's Office drafts ordinances, resolutions and City contracts and represents the City in all legal actions, including prosecution of misdemeanors and traffic violations occurring within Cheyenne.

The City Attorney's Office represents the interests of the public as a whole and does not represent individuals. The City Attorney's Office is strictly prohibited from providing legal advice or representation to individual citizens in any matter, whether it is civil or criminal. Individuals must retain private counsel for legal assistance.


The City's Internet pages, and any locations accessible from them, as well as any links accessible through them, may not be used to serve litigation discovery pleadings upon the City and may not be used to submit requests for the disclosure of public records. No person monitors the City's Internet pages and links accessible through them. The City disclaims any responsibility to respond to discovery pleadings or to requests for the disclosure of public records which are sent to or served upon the City through the City's Internet pages.


Responsibilities The City Attorney’s Office prosecutes traffic citations and violations of municipal ordinances with criminal penalties.

The prosecution attorney is responsible for: Appearing on various dockets and the preparation of various court documents used to prosecute cases. Addressing important municipal legal issues through appeals of cases decided in Municipal Court

Department Head

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Stefanie Boster