Cheyenne Angel

Angel Statue.jpg Angel Statue

A Resolution was passed by the governing body supporting the erection of "the Cheyenne Angel" in Lakeview Cemetery.

The Cheyenne Angel has been erected in remembrance of loved ones, especially children, who have died.

A similar statue exists in the Salt Lake City cemetery and draws people from all across the country and walks of life to place a symbolic white rose in remembrance of their loved ones.

Thank you!

This project was dependent upon donations from both the private and public sector, without these the erection of "the Cheyenne Angel" would not have been possible.

Angel Tiles

An angel tile may be purchased in remembrance of your loved ones (these tiles are not just for children, but for people of all ages). It is placed on a wall that is erected next to the Angel Statue and the tile will display the name of your loved one.

More Information

For further information on this project or how to purchase a tile you may contact the Cemetery Sexton at (307) 637-6402 or by Email.