The Council has accomplished a broad spectrum of projects in the Cheyenne community:
  • Public relation and educational campaigns
  • Right of way maintenance
  • Transit issues
  • Special projects providing access to public facilities

Recent Accomplishments

  • Coordinating with the Cheyenne Parade of Homes to provide better access to the display houses. In 2003, many of the builders provided designated or close-in parking and some had ramps to provide wheelchair access to the homes.
  • With the Parade of Homes in mind, the City of Cheyenne, at the recommendation of the Council, purchased portable ramping to be available for use for the Parade as well as for other public functions.
  • Working with the Laramie County Fair Board to allow for better exhibit viewing in the pavilion. The aisles were widened easing maneuverability for wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Sponsorship and volunteering at the Laramie County Discovery, Career and Lifestyles EXPO for people with disabilities.
  • Manning a booth at SuperDay to provide information to the public concerning resources available for people with disabilities.
  • Revising the website to include updates on accomplishments and ongoing projects.