Greenway Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Greenway Advisory Committee (GWAC) is to provide community representation and specialized expertise to Greater Cheyenne Greenway efforts.  The group helps set priorities for new projects and makes recommendations for Governing Body decisions.  It also makes recommendations about on-going maintenance and provides suggestions to mitigate conflicts and problems that may arise.  The Committee provides support for Greenway projects in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to public outreach, sales tax ballot initiatives and grant applications.  The members serve as liaisons between their group or agency and Greenway efforts.


  • 12:00 noon
  • Second Tuesday of each month


The current committee is made up of the following people: 

  • Jim Walter (Chair)
  • Jo Butler (Citizen Representative)
  • Jeff Fassett (Citizen Representative)
  • Dick Krahenbuhl (Citizen Representative)
  • Bebe Molway (Citizen Representative)
  • Nancy Olson(Citizen Representative)
  • Eric Prior (Citizen Representative)
  • Seth Ulvestad (Citizen Representative)
  • Shaun Kirkwood (Laramie County Conservation District)
  • Wayne Shenefelt (WYDOT)
  • Vicki Bonds (LCSD#1)
  • Wes Bay (City Engineer's Office)
  • Molly Bennett (Laramie County Public Works Director)
  • Pete Laybourn (Cheyenne City Council)
  • Jeanie Shrednik, PLA (City Parks and Greenway Planner)
  • Sam Payne (City Community Recreation and Events Deputy Director)