The City Reminds Residents of Amended Fencing Regulations

Published on March 30, 2021

wooden fence

CHEYENNE – As weather begins to warm up and we reach that time of year when you’re looking to put up a new fence, please be aware that the City does have fencing regulations. These regulations were amended as of March 8th.

Some of the key changes are that 6-foot high fences, that are behind the front of the house on a corner lot, no longer have a setback from the property line along the street. Additionally, a new section containing material requirements has been added. Another thing to be aware of is that no fence shall be built within 2-feet of a public sidewalk.

Should the Planning and Development Department receive a complaint, and the fence is found to be in violation of the regulations, it will be pursued as a Zoning Violation and will need to be remedied. This could mean moving the fence. The regulations are found under Unified Development Code (UDC) Section 5.8.4. The City’s UDC document can be accessed in its entirety at If you have any questions, please contact Connor White with the City’s Planning and Development Department at 307-638-4342.