Seasonal closure for part of Kiwanis Community Park begins April 1

Published on March 27, 2024

kiwanis park.jpg

The City of Cheyenne will close the southern portion of Kiwanis Community Park, located off East Pershing Boulevard, on April 1 for seasonal wildlife protection.

The southern section will reopen to the public on July 15.

The closed area contains a large pond which provides valuable habitat for many species of wildlife and is especially important to many species of waterfowl. Spring through early summer is a critical time of year for these species as they are nesting and raising their young. Disturbances during this time can cause them to abandon their nests or cause stress to young birds that cannot fly. 

The northern portion of the site will remain open to the public from sunrise to sunset and is accessible from the park’s main parking lot. Pets must be kept on leash and pet waste picked up and disposed of. Visitors are also asked to pack out all trash and to make sure they and their pets do not harass the wildlife or nearby livestock.  

Kiwanis Community Park is a roughly 105-acre site and was purchased in early 2020 with voter approved 6th Penny funding.