Resource Pages Available for City’s new License and Permit Portal

Published on March 17, 2023

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CHEYENNE – The City of Cheyenne is transitioning to online applications for licenses and permits. The City Clerk Department is currently accepting online applications. Effective Monday, March 20, 2023, the Planning & Development Department will also accept online applications. With the shift to digital solutions, the City has created an online help center and FAQ webpages to aid constituents with this transition in doing business.

The online help center is available at and provides step-by-step guides to create an OpenGov profile, make an online payment, and how to view an active application. The FAQ page is available at to answer common questions constituents may have when working with the Building, City Clerk, Engineering, or Planning & Development Department. These resources are also available under the Helpful Guides and Links section on the City’s OpenGov portal.

A computer kiosk is available in the City Clerk’s office (2101 O’Neil Ave., room 101) with another kiosk available on the second floor near the Planning and Development office (2101 O’Neil Ave., room 202). These kiosks are available to help those needing assistance from staff to create an OpenGov profile and/or complete an online application.   

The City’s new online portal – powered by cloud software provider OpenGov -- is available at The portal is also accessible on the homepage of by clicking on the Licenses and Permits icon. In addition to the resource links provided above, more information on how to utilize the platform can be found below.

With this move, the City aims to streamline the application process for constituents and meet the business needs in an ever-increasing digital world. With paper applications shifting to a thing of the past, constituents can apply for licenses and permits online, communicate directly with staff, and remain apprised of their application status and progression from start to finish. 

For a brief video overview of OpenGov’s licensing and permitting cloud software, click here

About OpenGov

Founded in 2012, OpenGov is an industry-leading government software company providing local government cloud services for Budgeting & Planning, Citizen Services (permitting and licensing), Procurement, and Reporting & Transparency. OpenGov’s software is built to meet the unique needs of the public sector. With software that streamlines the business of government, protects customers from risk, drives collaboration, and promotes transparency, OpenGov offers the leading multi-tenant software to modernize public administration. To learn more, visit


What is Viewpoint Cloud?                

ViewPoint Cloud is the software program that powers the City of Cheyenne’s online permitting center. It is a part of OpenGov. With this system, you will be able to submit an online application from anywhere, 24/7, monitor the status of the application online, receive notifications via email as your application is reviewed and processed, request inspections, communicate with inspectors or staff, and receive documents. 

How long is it going to take to apply for a permit?

Only a few minutes. The first application may take a few additional steps because of registering and activating your account and then learning the new process. But after that, it’ll be even quicker!

How do I follow along with the progression of my application?

Once an application is submitted, the applicant will be notified via email if any additional action is required. This includes receiving an email to pay for an application, if staff comments on an application, or if additional documents are needed for the application. You can also log into your account 24/7 to see what departments have completed your application review, what departments are currently reviewing, and what departments have yet to review.  

How do I sign up to use Viewpoint?

Go to the website:

1. In the upper right-hand corner, click “Sign up”.

2. Enter your email address and enter what you would like your password to be. Note: passwords must have at least eight (8) characters and include one (1) upper case letter, one (1) lower case letter, and one (1) digit. Log on. Please note: If you do not remember your credentials at any time, click on “Don’t remember your password?” to reset your information.

3. Go back to the upper right-hand corner and click the log on again and select profile. Complete your profile by adding your name, phone number, and address. You will only need to complete your profile once as it will be saved. Please note: You can turn on or off email notifications or reset your password. It is recommended to leave email notifications turned on as you will be notified by email when communicating with the City.

4. Once you’re logged in, follow the steps on each page to complete the applications.

Who do I contact for questions on using the online portal?

Please contact the department to which you submit applications to.