Reminder to get Temporary Use Permits

Published on June 09, 2022

City of Cheyenne welcome sign

CHEYENNE – With summer around the corner, the Planning and Development Department would like to remind the community that semi-permanent temporary uses such as snow cone shacks, ice cream stands, produce carts, etc. are required to apply for a temporary use permit to be in compliance with City Code. The permit form can be found on the Planning and Development web page,, or directly at the following link: The fee for a temporary use permit is $600.

A temporary use approval (UDC 2.2.6) is intended to provide flexibility for different uses within a zoning district, and specifically allow the potential for uses that are not generally appropriate in a zoning district, but due to the short duration, special conditions relative to the specific site, and other case-specific issues may be acceptable for a short and limited time.

An application for a temporary use may be initiated by the property owner or authorized agent for any use within an existing zoning district that is not otherwise allowed.

The duration of the proposed use complies with the following time limits:

  1. Off-premise signage shall not exceed 30 consecutive days, shall not occur more than twice in a single calendar year, and shall have at least 15-days between consecutive occurrences.
  2. Temporary uses associated with a national, state, or local emergency declaration shall be allowed to operate during, and up to 90-days after conclusion, of said emergency. For the purposes of this section Temporary uses shall include temporary housing, in-patient medical care facilities, emergency medical facilities, support services, supply distribution centers, etc.
  3. All other temporary uses shall not be granted for more than 60-consecutive days and shall not occur more than twice in a 365-day period.