Regional Response Team Completes Chemical/Physical Properties Training

Published on September 20, 2023

Regional Response Team #7

CHEYENNE – Over the last two days, the Regional Response Team #7 (RRT7) has been completing 16 hours of education on chemistry and physical properties of the more common types of hazardous materials. This team is designated by the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (WOHS) to deploy hazardous materials response to Laramie, Goshen, and Platte Counties. RRT7 currently has 27 members on the team from Cheyenne Fire Rescue (CFR) and WOHS.

Through discussion and demonstration, many concepts have been revealed about chemicals and their potential reactions.

“If you heard some loud booms today it was part of the demonstrations that were done,” states Deputy Chief Dykshorn.

Lt. Osborne, the RRT7 Hazmat Coordinator adds, “These demonstrations were completed in a safe and controlled environment with no injuries to person or environment.”

Eng. Sarah Delay, RRT7 Training Coordinator states, “The chemical and physical properties of hazardous materials are vital to understanding just how to help mitigate an incident and make our responders and the community safer.”

The class is being instructed by Brian Ramsey of the Emergency Response Training Group (ERTG) from Kingsport, Kentucky. Ramsey brings 30 years of chemical industry experience to these classes and is currently the Fire Chief of a large Eastman Chemical Plant. All demonstrations are done in a safe and controlled environment at the CFR Training facility.