Cheyenne Depot Ornaments for Sale Through Historic Preservation Board

Published on August 20, 2020

Cheyenne Depot Christmas Ornament

CHEYENNE – The holiday season is right around the corner. With that in mind the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board (CHPB) is selling limited edition Christmas ornaments depicting the Cheyenne Union Pacific Depot. This is the second year of the popular ornament series that featured the Wyoming State Capitol in 2019, which completely sold out!

Each of the 750 ornaments is individually numbered and may be purchased for $20 via cash or check. The ornaments can be purchased at 719 East 17th St., Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Please contact Cathie Tabor-Douglas at (307) 632-4414 if you have any questions about purchasing an ornament at this location. Alternatively, you may contact Gary Sims at (307) 851-1911 and he will deliver the ornaments to your door!

Each ornament comes with a numbered ornament featuring the Cheyenne Depot with a Big Boy Steam Engine insert. The Cheyenne Depot Clock Tower is shown with a time of 3:07 to pay special homage to our great State.

There are a limited number left, so call today! The CHPB hopes to continue the ornaments every year as a collectable item for the people of Cheyenne featuring a different historic building in town every year. All proceeds go to the restoration of the Airport Fountain.