Limited Edition Airport Fountain Ornaments for Sale Through CHPB

Published on October 14, 2021

2021 CHPB Ornament

CHEYENNE – The Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board is excited to announce their limited-edition Christmas ornament for the third year in a row! This year’s ornament depicts the Historic Airport Fountain, which the Historic Preservation Board has been working to restore. The Fountain is located near the intersection of Warren Ave. and E. 8th Ave. Phase II of the restoration will begin soon with an expected completion in August of 2022.

Each of the 750 ornaments is individually numbered and may be purchased for $25.00 via cash or check. The ornaments can be purchased at 719 East 17th Street, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Please contact Cathie Tabor-Douglas at (307) 632-4414 if you have any questions about purchasing an ornament at this location. Alternatively, you may contact Gary Sims at (307) 851-1911 and he will deliver the ornaments to your door!

The ornaments feature the Historic Airport Fountain filled with soap bubbles as a tribute to all the times pranksters have filled it with dish detergent over the years. Many of those same pranksters have come clean and donated to the restoration. In addition, each ornament contains a tile from the original 1935 fountain recovered when the base was restored in 2019. Don’t wait – the past two editions have sold out!

For more information about the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board, please visit or check out the CHPB on Facebook.


The Historic Preservation Board protects, enhances and perpetuates historic structures and other areas of historical value and promotes use of historic districts and landmarks for the education, pleasure and welfare of the community.