Keep Your Animals Safe During Independence Day Festivities

Published on June 23, 2022

Animals and fireworks

CHEYENNE – Every year around Independence Day, Cheyenne Animal Control sees an increase of loose and injured animals. Independence Day is rapidly approaching, and Animal Control Officers would like to remind the public of some quick and easy tips to help keep you and your pets safe during firework shows. 

  1. Please ensure your pets (especially dogs) are placed in a safe, confined space while fireworks are in use around your area. Avoid leaving your animals outside unattended, if possible, as they may try to escape. Fireworks are very scary to most animals and when left alone they are liable to injure themselves in an attempt to escape the loud pops and bangs. 
  2. If you are aware of your animal’s fear of loud noises, try avoiding areas with fireworks. If you are unable to do so, try contacting your veterinarian for some possible calming resources, such as calming collars or calming medication. 
  3. Do not bring your animal(s) to firework shows. During high stress situations animals tend to react in a “fight or flight” manner. If an animal is no longer able to run away from what is scaring it, it may react in a negative manner, possibly injuring itself or others. 

For more information visit or call (307)-637-6206.

The use of consumer fireworks within City of Cheyenne limits is not allowed on private property. They are also prohibited on public property which includes parks, schools, streets, alleys, and public right-of-ways. The only permitted fireworks within city limits are sparklers, smoke devices, and novelty items such as snappers and party poppers.