Joint Effort Helps Animal Control Rescue Kitten From Storm Drain

Published on October 12, 2023


CHEYENNE – On Tuesday, October 10th, Animal Control Officers Wagner and Dryden responded to the 1600 block of Capitol Avenue for reports of a kitten stuck in a storm drain.

Upon arrival, witnesses stated the kitten had been stuck in the storm drain since October 7th. After hours of avoiding capture in the drain pipes, officers decided to set a trap in the drain. Throughout the day, the trap was monitored, but officer attempts were unsuccessful. Bacon grease was placed on the trap as a final capture technique at 9:30 p.m. All the time and effort put into saving the kitten paid off on the morning of Wednesday, October 11th when the cat was caught in a trap.

Thanks to the help of Cheyenne Fire Rescue (CFR) and the Board of Public Utilities (BOPU), Animal Control was safely able to remove the kitten from the drain and transport it to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for a medical evaluation.

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