Downtown Open Container Ordinance in Effect Memorial Day Weekend

Published on May 26, 2022

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CHEYENNE – In 2021, the City of Cheyenne Governing Body passed an ordinance to amend open container sales and consumption exemptions. The ordinance permits the possession of open malt beverage and wine containers, for adults 21 years and older, within the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district boundaries.

Possession of open malt beverage and wine containers within the DDA district boundaries are permitted beginning the Thursday preceding Memorial Day and ends the Monday of Labor Day each calendar year. For the 2022 calendar year, this begins Thursday, May 26th and concludes Monday, September 5th. During this timeframe, open containers are allowed every day between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. in public spaces within the DDA district boundaries.

Additional information on the amended ordinance can be found below:

What type of alcohol will be allowed?

Malt beverages and wine are the only types of alcohol allowed under the open container ordinance. Hard liquor in open containers is not allowed.

Are glass bottles allowed?

No. Permitted alcohol must be in a plastic cup or container provided by an eligible business within the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district. Glass containers are strictly prohibited.

What area is open container alcohol permitted?

Strictly within the DDA district boundaries. The DDA district is set forth in city ordinance and is bounded by House Avenue on the east, Snyder Avenue on the west, 22nd Street on the north, and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks on the south. It also includes a small strip south of the Central Avenue viaduct that is bounded by Central Avenue on the east, Capitol Avenue on the west, Deming Drive on the south, and West 11th Street on the north. A map of the DDA district boundaries can be viewed at

What type of liquor licensees are eligible to participate within the DDA boundary?

Any business within the DDA district boundaries that owns a full retail, microbrewery, winery, or distillery liquor license is eligible to participate.

Be smart, be considerate

We ask the public and eligible participating businesses to properly dispose of empty plastic cups and containers.

Safety is a shared responsibility

Drink responsibly, get a ride home from a sober driver, and try to walk on areas designated for pedestrians, such as a walking lane, sidewalk, or crosswalk. Taking these small steps ensures our downtown remains a safe, clean, and fun environment for all!

Are there any other restrictions?

At this time, no. The ordinance does provide that additional restrictions on periods of time, boundaries of special areas or districts, beverage distribution, tracking, and event control may be established by resolution of the Governing Body.

Will open containers be allowed on holidays?

Possession of open containers will be allowed during every holiday within the time frame outlined by the amended city ordinance. Annual holidays during this time frame include the Fourth of July, Wyoming Statehood Day (July 10th), and Cheyenne Day during the week of Cheyenne Frontier Days (July 27th, 2022).

Where can I find more information about the amended ordinance?

The amended ordinance can be found at