City completes upgrades to Spiker parking structure

Published on July 03, 2024

Spiker improvements 3.JPG

New restrooms, improved lighting, and blue light emergency call towers have all been added to the Spiker parking structure recently with a goal of keeping the facility modern and improving the safety perception of the building, thanks to 6th Penny funds approved by voters in 2021.

On June 10, the City opened the renovated public restrooms, located at the corner of Carey Avenue and 17th Street, to the public. The restrooms feature numerous vandalism-resistant features and are brighter, cleaner, and easier to maintain.

“We wanted to create a facility that people weren’t afraid to go out and actually use,” said Ward 1 Councilman Jeff White.

Council approved the $269,000 expenditure for the restrooms earlier this year using 6th Penny funds marked for downtown improvements.

The new restrooms are automatically opened from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. They feature regular security patrols, including after hours.

Also in the Spiker garage are eight emergency call towers, each topped with blue lights. Activating the towers immediately connects callers to emergency dispatchers, who can identify the specific tower that was activated and see video of the situation. Three call towers are also at the George Cox Parking Structure and one is at the 17th Street parking lot.

“What we hope is that this is going to create a safe and welcoming environment for our downtown visitors,” Ward 1 Councilman Pete Laybourn said.

Parking in the Spiker garage, the Cox garage on Pioneer Avenue and 20th Street, and the parking lot at 17th Street and Warren Avenue is free for the first two hours, and then a flat $4 rate for the rest of the day.