City Upgrading Two Greenway Underpasses Prone to Flooding

Published on June 10, 2021

Greenway underpass

CHEYENNE – The City of Cheyenne has closed some Greenway underpasses for safety concerns due to water backing up in them. The City has been active in remediating these reoccurring issues for the underpasses at the intersection of Ridge Rd. and Dell Range Blvd. and at Highway 30. 

Excessive sedimentation in the Dry Creek channel has caused water to back up into the Greenway pedestrian underpass at Ridge Rd. The City is working with the Army Corps of Engineers to obtain the necessary permits to dredge the channel and alleviate the flooding of the underpass. The City anticipates the dredging of the channel to be complete by mid-summer. In the meantime, Greenway users are encouraged to cross at the signal at Ridge Rd. and Dell Range Blvd. instead of crossing mid-block near the underpass. The free-right turn from Dell Range Blvd. to Ridge Rd. makes mid-block crossing especially dangerous at this location as drivers do not expect to have pedestrians in the roadway directly after exiting the free-right turn lane.

Water from Dry Creek is backing up into the pedestrian underpass at Highway 30. This is due in part to the flatness of the channel in the vicinity of the underpass, a low water crossing downstream causing water to back up in the creek, and a failure of the pump system installed at the underpass. A new pump system has been designed that will effectively remove water from the crossing. In conjunction with this, a new low water crossing has been designed and will be placed further downstream to mitigate the water backup. The City anticipates the installation and construction of these components to be complete by mid-summer. In the meantime, Greenway users are encouraged to not cross Highway 30 at this location. Highway 30 is a four lane Principal Arterial where vehicles are travelling at speeds in excess of 55 mph. Crossing at this location is extremely dangerous due to the long crossing length and high vehicle speeds.