Capitol Ave. Bronze Project Installs Statutes of Two Historic Figures

Published on June 13, 2022

Van Devanter and Morris statues

CHEYENNE – This morning, the Capitol Avenue Bronze Project temporarily installed two statues in the foyer of the Wyoming Supreme Court Building (2301 Capitol Ave.). The statues depict Justice Willis Van Devanter, the only person in Wyoming history to serve on the United States Supreme Court, and Esther Hobart Morris, the first woman in Wyoming and the United States to hold any judicial office. The statues will eventually be permanently installed in front of the supreme court building. 

Commenting on the installation, Mayor Patrick Collins said, “Today is an important day for the development of the project. We installed the first of many statues that will depict important men and women in Wyoming history. Today’s focus has been on Wyoming’s contribution to law. In coming months, there will be statues of the explorers and settlers, our native population, statesmen and women, military heroes, and our contribution to American arts and letters. Today is an exciting day!”

Chief Justice Kate Fox of the Wyoming Supreme Court said, “We are pleased to host the bronze statues of these iconic figures in Wyoming’s legal history. They will stand near our Equality Hall, which is an exhibit highlighting the many women to achieve ‘firsts’ in law. Justice Van Devanter and Justice of the Peace Morris are honored contributors to our legal history and we’re happy to have their statues here.”

Nathaniel Trelease, chairman of the Capitol Avenue Bronze Project said, “No one in Wyoming history has held higher judicial office than Willis Van Devanter and no woman in Wyoming or American history held any judicial office before Esther Hobart Morris. Together, a Wyoming man and a Wyoming woman, each living in a different era, will stand together on Capitol Avenue symbolizing equal dignity before the law.”

For more information on the project or how to donate a bronze, please contact Harvey Deselms at or Nathaniel Trelease at or visit The Capitol Avenue Bronze Project was publicly announced at an October 4th, 2021 press conference by Mayor Patrick Collins, Nathaniel Trelease, and Harvey Deselms.