CFR Removes Victim from Structure Fire

Published on June 01, 2023

Fire Training.jpg

CHEYENNE  Monday, May 29, at 2:17 a.m. Cheyenne Fire Rescue responded to a report of a structure fire in a vacant commercial occupancy in the 3500 block of Dell Range Boulevard. Firefighters arrived on the scene within four minutes of dispatch to find fire in the front area of the building.

Due to previous fires and known risks in the building, an initial defensive position was taken, and suppression efforts were immediately successful. At that time, the building was better accessed, and conditions allowed firefighters to conduct a search of the building. A single individual was located inside and removed to the exterior of the building. Medical care continued for the individual by the local ambulance service and ultimately to definitive care at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. The medical status of the victim is not available for comment at this time.

Battalion Chief Hunt stated, “The responding units acted quickly and efficiently as a team and created an opportunity to use their skills to aid a trapped and incapacitated individual. I'm proud to see all their hard work and training culminated with the saving of one of our community members.” Chief Kopper also exclaimed, “Our personnel’s quick actions resulted in a life being spared from the consequences of fire. We are extremely proud of the service and dedication of our firefighters, and they definitely arose to the occasion when a life was on the line.”

The fire will remain under investigation and the cause and origin is currently unknown.