CFR Reminds Residents of Fireworks Safety

Published on June 30, 2022


CHEYENNE - Cheyenne Fire Rescue (CFR) reminds the citizens of the City of Cheyenne of the dangers associated with all fireworks and that the use of consumer fireworks within the City of Cheyenne is not allowed on private property, except for sparklers, smoke devices and novelties. 

Each Fourth of July, thousands of people across the United States, most often children and teens are injured while using legal and illegal fireworks. Few people understand the associated risks---devastating burns, injuries, fires and even death.

Legal and illegal fireworks put us all at risk because they can easily lead to fires. This danger is compounded by our dry, high fire season conditions throughout our City and County. Please protect our community and first responders and use fireworks safely, following safety guidelines and utilizing safety shoot areas established by firework vendors with appropriate permitting.  

Also please remember our other family members; pets have very sensitive ears, and many are traumatized by the sounds associated with fireworks. Leave pets at home if you plan on attending a fireworks show.

Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!