Animal Control Protects Unstoppable Blue Heeler On I-80

Published on November 21, 2022


CHEYENNE – Last Saturday at approximately 11:43 a.m., Animal Control received a report about a Blue Heeler standing in the median of I-80 West near the port of entry. The reporting party stated the dog looked like it was thinking about crossing the interstate.

As Animal Control Officer Teasley was in transit to the call, Officer Nguyen recalled seeing a missing dog post on the Animal Shelter's Lost & Found Facebook page. The post disclosed there was a Blue Heeler that had gone missing by Sapp Bros 15 hours prior and was last seen by Railroad Road. Nguyen immediately contacted the creator of the post and informed them of the report in case it was the same Blue Heeler that had been missing.

Upon arrival, Teasley spotted the reported dog on the 3400 block of I-80 Service Rd., but then “Rip” took off and ran south, crossing the interstate and heading west on I-80 East. As Nguyen arrived and saw the dog still heading west, she updated the creator of the Facebook post with the dog's location.

With Teasley, Nguyen, and the dog owner's friend parked on the side of I-80 East, the dog ran into the road and stopped to watch a lumber truck approach him like a deer caught in headlights. The truck thankfully braked for the dog and Rip safely made it out of traffic and into the median strip. As he started to take off again, its owner showed up right on time and safely retrieved him in one piece.

Animal Control would like to thank the concerned individual for making the report, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for creating the Cheyenne Animal Shelter Lost & Found group on Facebook, the owner's friend for creating the missing dog post on their behalf, and the lumber truck driver for braking for good ole Rip! An extra special thanks go to The Cheyenne Animal Shelter Lost & Found group on Facebook for always doing a fabulous job, helping reunite missing pets with their owners!