Amnesty Period for Parking Tickets & New Parking Enforcement Announced

Published on January 31, 2022

Barnacle on windshield

CHEYENNE – The City of Cheyenne has announced a one-month amnesty period for overdue and unpaid parking tickets and is “giving the boot” to the customary car boot with the implementation of a new parking enforcement solution: The Barnacle Parking Enforcement System. Mayor Patrick Collins made the announcement public earlier today during a press conference at the Public Safety Center.

Effective Tuesday, February 1st the City of Cheyenne will implement a one-month amnesty period for overdue parking tickets incurred within the City. This means individuals will have the ability to pay their original parking ticket(s) without the additional burden of late fees throughout the month of February. A ticket becomes overdue 15 calendar days after the date the citation was issued, and a $30 late fee is applied. Once the amnesty period ends on Tuesday, March 1st, late fees will be reapplied to all unpaid parking tickets.

“In many ways, unpaid parking tickets have grown into Cheyenne’s ‘elephant in the room’,” stated Mayor Collins. “It’s been a longstanding issue over several years without any repercussions. There are consequences if you don’t pay your cell phone bill, rent, mortgage, or your car payment. There are consequences for not paying your parking ticket too. Our hope is folks will take advantage of this amnesty period. There’s a principle to paying off your debts.”

During the February amnesty period, individuals can arrange to pay their parking ticket(s) in-person at the Public Safety Center (415 W. 18th St.) or by contacting Parking Administration Manger, Ted Miazga, at 307- 637-6586 or by email at If parking ticket(s) cannot be paid in full during the amnesty period, a payment plan schedule can be setup. Any formal appeal process can also be determined at that time.

Unpaid parking tickets have grown into a substantial problem in Cheyenne. In just two years, over $200,000 of unpaid parking tickets have accumulated. Outside that two-year scope, unpaid tickets have totaled a larger dollar amount but must be written-off as uncollectable debt after four years per City resolution. Paid parking tickets are deposited into the City’s general fund to help pay for bonds at the George Cox and Jack R. Spiker parking structures. These structures were built to alleviate crowded street parking and provide better accommodations for downtown businesses and visitors. Free two-hour parking is available at both parking structures, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Beginning Tuesday, March 1st, late fees will be reapplied to any overdue and unpaid tickets alongside the implementation of the Barnacle as a device to immobilize vehicles of flagrant parking violations. The new Barnacle solution incorporates technology, allowing a violator to remove the device using a smart phone once a fine has been paid.

“The world is moving in the direction of technology and parking is no different. Unlike the traditional car boot, the Barnacle allows a motorist to remove the device on their own in a more time efficient way,” Mayor Collins added. “It’s not our aim to place a Barnacle on any and all offenders, but rather those who have continuously thrown their parking tickets away instead of paying.”

Rather than a traditional car boot on a vehicle’s wheel, the Barnacle device is placed on a vehicle’s windshield; adhered securely with multiple suction cups applying 750 pounds of force. If an attempt to forcefully remove the device occurs, an alarm sounds and alerts parking enforcement officers of the location using GPS. The same occurs if there’s an attempt to drive the vehicle with the Barnacle still in place.

If a Barnacle device is placed on your vehicle, here’s what to do:

  • Visit the website listed on the device ( You can also call the phone number listed on the Barnacle.
  • On the website, click on “I’ve Been Barnacled.”
  • The Barnacle has a device number on it. Enter that number when prompted on the website.
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • You will receive a text message with a one-time verification code.
  • Enter the three-digit verification code when prompted on the website.
  • Enter your credit card payment information.
  • In addition to paying the $250 Barnacle service fee, there is a $200 refundable deposit
  • After paying the service fee and deposit amount, you will receive a text message with a four-digit release code.
  • Enter the release code into the keypad on the Barnacle to release it. (It may take up to 30 seconds to release).
  • Return the Barnacle to a drop-off box at the Jack R. Spiker Parking Structure (307 W. 17th St.) or the George Cox Parking Structure (498 W. 20th St.) at any time. If returned within 24 hours of payment, the $200 deposit will be refunded.

If a vehicle owner is unable to use a cell phone to unlock the Barnacle device, they may do so by visiting the Public Safety Center (415 W. 18th St.) during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The City allows payment of a parking ticket within 15 calendar days of receiving a citation. If you pay within two business days after the date the citation was issued, the fine is discounted by $10. Individuals may request a hearing to contest their citation(s) by visiting or by contacting Ted Miazga at 307- 637-6586 within 15 calendar days of the date on a citation. Failure to pay or request a hearing within 15 calendar days after the date the citation was issued results in the entry of a default judgment with a $30 late fee added to the original fine.