City Attorney

  • Telephone307-637-6306
  • The City Attorney's Office is committed to serving the public by providing legal support and advice to the Mayor, the City Council, and City departments, boards and commissions.

    City Clerk

  • Telephone307-637-6329
  • Alternate Phone307-637-6232 (TDD / TTY)
  • Email
  • The City Clerk is entrusted with recording, managing and maintaining numerous City records.

    City Engineer

  • Telephone307-637-6268
  • Alternate Phone307-637-6232 (TDD / TTY)
  • The City Engineer's Office provides the following services: City Construction Services, Construction Plan Review, Engineering Services, Flood Plain Management, GIS Mapping, Pavement Management

    City Treasurer

  • Telephone307-637-6336
  • Email
  • The City Treasurer's Department oversees the management and monitoring of all City fund revenues and expenditures, and is comprised of eight employees. The primary responsibility of the Department involves maintenance of the City's financial accounting system and financial records in order to ensure the City's financial position is accurately reflected at all times.

    Community Recreation & Events

  • Telephone(307) 638-4375
  • Email
  • The mission of the Community Recreation & Events Department is to meet the needs of a changing and growing community by providing a variety of high quality parks and recreation activities, services, and facilities for Cheyenne. Through focused and cost effective provision of services, the Parks & Recreation Department contributes positively to the economic well being of the community and improves

    Fire and Rescue

  • Telephone307-637-6311
  • Alternate PhoneEmergency: 911
  • Email
  • Our mission is simple: "Provide the best service possible to those who reside, work, and travel through the City of Cheyenne".

    Human Resources

  • Telephone307-637-6340
  • Email
  • Human Resources is committed to providing City employees with a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. The Human Resources Division will act as a catalyst to enable all City employees to contribute at optimum levels toward the success of the city. We are an advocate for doing the 'right thing' every day.

    Mayor's Office

  • Telephone307-637-6300
  • Email
  • Responsible for the overall direction and management of City operations. The Mayor serves as the Chief Executive and Operating Officer for the City

    Municipal Court

  • Telephone307-773-1003
  • Alternate Phone307-773-1005
  • Email
  • Municipal Court administers the operation of the judicial branch of the City Government according to the ordinances adopted by the City Council.

    Planning and Development

  • Telephone307-637-6282
  • The Planning and Development Department is made up of three divisions Development, Planning, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization. The department reviews development applications, implements Plan Cheyenne, administers the Greenway program, and provides support to multiple boards and commissions including the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Preservation Board.

    Public Works

  • Telephone307-637-6263
  • Alternate Phone307-637-6232 (TDD / TTY)
  • Email
  • The Public Works Department supports the needs of our community and consists of the Facilities, Fleet Maintenance, Solid Waste, Traffic, and Transit Divisions at the City. The Public Works Department provides oversight of the Belvoir Ranch, heads the Belvoir Ranch Steering Committee, and administers the Optional One Percent Sales Tax Fund (5th Penny Tax) and the Solid Waste Fund.