Safety Guide

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Important Phone Numbers


Non-Emergency Police: 307-637-6500
Greenway Maintenance or vandalism concerns: 307-638-4358


  • The Greenway is a multi-use path. Please be courteous of others using the path.
  • Obey all signs and regulations. Keep to the right.
  • Do not trespass on private property.
  • Be predictable, ride/walk straight and avoid weaving.
  • When passing others, verbally warn them that you are passing on the left.
  • Ride or walk single file when traffic is approaching from the opposite direction or when someone verbally signals they would like to pass.
  • Pets must remain on a leash (6' maximum) and be kept under human control at all times.
  • Pet owners are required to pick up and remove pet waste.
  • Motor vehicles, motor-powered scooters and horses are not permitted.
  • Be aware of weather conditions that might make the path slippery.
  • Place litter in trash containers.


  • Enjoy safe operation of your bicycle per Cheyenne City Code and State law.
  • Scan for hazards.
  • Cross railroad tracks perpendicularly.
  • Don't weave between parked cars.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear reflective clothing and be prepared for changing weather.
  • Bicyclists are encouraged to use helmets and to make sure your bike is operational and properly equipped (including reflectors and lights)
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Use an audible warning before passing "behind you" or "on your left".
  • Carry identification and emergency contact information.
  • Always secure your bike with a good lock.
  • Don't wear headphones while riding.
  • Remember:the path is designed for low speed use (12 mph maximum).