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Proposed update to Fire Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations Chapter III, Section 2.b(PDF, 29KB)
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Rich History  

Welcome to the City of Cheyenne located on the high plains in southeast Wyoming.

Cheyenne Fire Rescue has a rich history providing fire prevention and protection, emergency medical and other life safety services to a growing community. The City Fire Department was first organized in 1909, which we are proud of and continue to build upon each and every day.

Our mission is simple: "Provide the best service possible to those who reside, work, and travel through the City of Cheyenne".

The Service Today

Today, Cheyenne Fire Rescue proudly serves 64,019 residentss in an area covering 29.64 square miles. The department consists of five divisions including: 

Cheyenne Fire Rescue is staffed by 91 individuals who as a team are dedicated and committed to protecting the community and serving the residents of Cheyenne.


When Should I Change My Batteries In My Smoke Alarms?

You should change the batteries in your smoke alarm twice a year. When you change your clocks to start Daylight Saving Time in March and in November when Daylight Saving Time ends.

Can I have a backyard fire pit or chiminea?

Yes. Fire pits and chimineas used for pleasure, cooking, warmth, or similar purposes are allowed within the city limits.

These fires must be attended at all times and kept at least 15 feet away from any structure or combustible material.  Use only clean dry wood or charcoal.  Do not burn yard waste or rubbish.  Fire pits and chimineas must have an approved spark arrestor that is constructed of iron, heavy wire mesh, or other non-combustible material with  openings no larger than 1/2 inch.  If the smoke or odor emmissions become offensive or objectionable, you will be required to extinguish the fire.

How much clearance must I have around a fire hydrant?

Minimum clearance is three (3) feet, as determined by the International Fire Code, 2003 edition, Section 508.5.5

Does the Fire Department provide public safety classes?

Yes, we present public education classes to schools and organizations. They may call us at (307) 637-6311

Who do I contact for a fire safety inspection at our business?

You may contact the Fire and Rescue Administration Offices at (307) 637-6311 to schedule an inspection.

Department Head

Interim Fire Chief John Kopper

John Kopper

Interim Fire Chief