Contractor Licensing Regulations

Revisions to the Contractor Licensing Regulations

The Contractor Licensing Regulations currently in use have been in place since 2008; the 2012 revisions are underway and are available for public comment. Please follow the link below to download and view the proposed revisions to the regulations. Contact the Building Safety Department at (307) 637-6265 for questions or bring your comments to the Building Safety Office at 2101 O'Neil Ave., Rm. 202.

Contractor Licensing in the City of Cheyenne

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of these regulations is to establish the requirements for licensing contractors and to prescribe the procedures, fees, and criteria for the issuance and revocation of licenses.

1.2 Overview

Building construction is regulated by the administration and enforcement of the International codes published by the International Code Council (ICC), as adopted by the Cheyenne City Code (Title15) Building trades are regulated by the licensing of contractors and building construction trade individuals.

Contractor licenses are required in order to engage in the building trades. In addition to passing the appropriate exam and paying license fees, the Licensee must obtain worker's compensation and liability insurance, as described in detail in the regulations. For some trades, (including Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration, HVAC and Fire Protection) all craft employees on a job are required to hold a master, journeyman or apprentice license or to be a qualified supervisor.

The holder of a contractor license must employ a person who holds a master or qualified supervisor license in the appropriate building trade. Specific kinds of contractor licenses required by the City and building trade licenses are described in the regulations.

The Board shall provide the official interpretation of these regulations in cases of apparent conflict or ambiguity in their application.

The Board shall have the authority to enforce these regulations either upon its own motion or upon complaint of any person with standing.

File a Complaint

Any person believing that any action or omission of a Licensee has violated these regulations, may file a written complaint with the Board upon required forms. The Complaint shall include the following:
  • Name, address and telephone number of the Complainant
  • Name, address and telephone number of the Licensee
  • Specific facts explaining and supporting the allegations against the Licensee
  • Citation to the specific regulations or building code violation, if known
  • Whether or not mediation is requested

Contractor License Regulations(PDF, 229KB)

Download the Complaint Form(PDF, 170KB)