Friends of the Cemetery

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The Program

This program was established in 1989 to provide for the continued beautification and heritage appreciation of City-owned cemeteries.

This program is dependent upon support and assistance through donations and volunteers. Donations are applied to specific sites located within general use areas of the cemetery.

Currently several flower planters are located in Lakeview and Beth El Cemeteries sponsored by local individuals and businesses.

Donations and Volunteers

Following are examples of different types of donation plans available:

  • Annual donation in a specified amount to be used solely toward one floral site. The donor may be recognized for the contribution with an engraved brass plaque or, upon request, the plaque may instead be engraved as a memorial. The plaque is permanently placed at the floral site.
  • Annual donations for a "shared" floral spot. In this instance two or three groups or persons may contribute to the cost toward a specific site. Again, a plaque of recognition is permanently placed.
  • Donations in any amount are accepted for use in purchasing and maintaining trees, shrubs, hedges, etc. for City cemeteries, or to be used toward purchasing and maintaining finished landscaped areas and historical services to residents and visitors.
  • Seasonal volunteers are always appreciated to assist with the maintenance of the floral sites and provide for historical tour assistance upon request of Cemetery personnel.

More Information

For further information about the "Friends of the Cemetery" you may contact the Cemetery Sexton at (307) 637-6402 or by Email.