Current Projects

Request for Proposal #14-16 Downtown Cheyenne Historic District Update
The Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board is seeking proposals from qualified historic preservation consultants to survey the existing Downtown Cheyenne Historic District as outlined in the 1996 National Register of Historic Places nomination, as well as surveying select blocks in the area for a possible expansion of the District. The City's Contributing Structures List will also be updated with the latest survey information. This project includes determination of contributing/noncontributing status for each building in the existing district, determination of contributing/noncontributing status for select buildings in the possible expansion area as shown on Attached B of the RFP document, determining if the period of significance should be updated for a new boundary area, and preparation of a final report. Staff and board members will assist with research as necessary. There is a minimum of two public meetings. The survey work is scheduled to take place throughout the summer months with a project deadline of October 31, 2016.

Please submit your proposal to:

Stephanie Lowe
Development Office
2101 O'Neil Avenue, Room 202
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 637-6307

Responses received by the close of business (5:00 pm MST) on Friday, May 20, 2016, will be considered.

RFP #14-16

Capitol North Historic District
The Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board has received and is proud to release the final report regarding the update to the Capitol North Historic District.

Final Report

For more information about the update or the Capitol North Historic District please contact Stephanie Lowe in the Development Office,, 307-637-6305.