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Celebrating Water and Sewer Department’s 75th Anniversary

April 27, 2018 is a day to remember. Not only is it National Tell a Story Day but 75 years ago, April 27, 1943 the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (Board) was established. At this milestone, we can reflect on the innovations and foresight that protects Cheyenne’s water supply and our high-plains environment. The Board has some impressive stories regarding our past including: construction of Wyoming’s only trans-basin underground tunnel, installation of enough distribution pipe to loop the perimeter of the State of Wyoming, installation of a pipeline system that brings water into Cheyenne across two mountain ranges by gravity, construction of a series of reservoirs that collect water from three mountain ranges, and Wyoming’s first wastewater treatment plant. 

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We continue to look forward and, through our master planning processes, anticipate the needs of our water and wastewater needs for the next 50 years. Recently, we constructed a modern water treatment plant and two cutting-edge wastewater treatment plants. We added resiliency to Cheyenne’s water resource by promoting conservation and by recycling water. All of this while maintaining an award-winning high standard for financial accountability.

The Board is grateful to the Cheyenne citizens and customers who are also good stewards of our finite water resources. We are honored to be entrusted with Cheyenne’s precious water resource that provide safe drinking water, a natural resource for businesses, fire protection and our way of life. After all, water connects us all.

75th Anniversary Events

Join us in celebrating our 75 years of serving the community. 

1960s Water Projects

Crow Creek Water Reclamation Plant-Built in 1947