Applications & Fee Schedule

Electronic Submittals

E-submittals allow property owners to submit development proposals online. This capability is a major step toward streamlining the development review process and provides real benefits, including cost savings, time savings, eliminating paper, greater coordination, and greater accuracy.

For more information on how to submit your project online, please contact Stephanie Lowe at (307) 637-6305 or by email.

Fee Schedule

Development Fees are based on the type and intensity of the proposed action(s) & can be found here.

Pre-Application Meeting

Prior to the initiation of a new project, the City highly encourages potential applicants, developers, designers, and/ or contractors to schedule a pre-application meeting. These informal meetings with relevant City staff will help you plan your project and help determine what processes will be required.

To schedule a meeting, please call (307) 637-6282.

Development Dropbox

Please use the Development file drop to upload electronic applications and attachment files.

Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and
Historic Preservation Board Meeting Dates 

Generally, applications requiring specific review by the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Preservation Board typically require a minimum 21-day review period.  Upon satisfactory review by staff and applicable outside agencies, the application will be scheduled for the next public meeting for consideration.  If it is determined by staff that significant errors exist or that additional information is necessary to make a staff recommendation, the application may be subject to additional review periods.   

Downloadable Applications

Master Application / Cover Page

UDC Development Cover Page (Master Application)



Special or Limited Applications & Submittals

Worksheets and Guidelines

Worksheets or guidelines listed as required on the Application Submittal page can be download here.

Section 2.1 - Divisions of Land

Section 2.2 - Zoning

Section 2.3 - Appeals and Relief

Section 2.4 - Annexation

Other Applications & Information