Fats oils and grease

BOPU crews operating a robotic camera find congealed grease and fat that begin to back up sewer flowPouring grease, oil or fat down sinks, toilets or drains harms Cheyenne's water system. Pouring grease, oil or fat down the drain clogs pipes, increases maintenance costs, causes odors and can result in costly repairs caused by sewer backups.

Once in the sewer pipes or drains, the grease, oil and fat coat the inside of pipes, cool, and congeal. The congealed grease then blocks the pipe. The sewer in the pipe then has to find somewhere else to flow and backs up into a home or business.

Keep Fats, Oils & Grease Out of the Sewer
  • Never pour grease, oil or fat down sinks, toilets or drains.
  • Instead, pour grease, oil and/or fat into an empty can and let it congeal.
  • Throw the congealed grease, oil and/or fat in the trash.
  • Scrape excess food in the trash rather than using the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal cuts the food into smaller pieces, but does not keep the fat, oil or grease from going down the drain.
  • Let grease, oil and fat congeal in pans and gently scrape it out before washing the pan. Dish detergents may only temporarily dissolve grease and may release the grease in the pipes.