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Project Status
Roundabout plan This aerial photo shows what the roundabout at the intersection of Converse/19th/Pershing will look like when completed.

Project Information
Construction Contractor Simon Contractors, Cheyenne
Substantial Roundabout Completion Date November 30, 2013
Completion Date June 1, 2014
Cost $4.5 Million
Funding Fifth Penny Sales Tax, Board Of Public Utilities
Percentage Complete 85%
Video Update Educational Workshop
Information Link Roundabout & East Pershing Project Info

Roundabout At East 19th/Converse/East Pershing
Is Now Open To Two-Lane Vehicle Traffic

CHEYENNE (December 18, 2013) - Construction crews finished temporary pavement striping on Tuesday afternoon (December 17, 2013) and the contractor was able to open the roundabout to two-lane traffic Tuesday evening,” said Nathan Beauheim, assistant city engineer and project manager for the City. “This has been a long construction season, but we are pleased to have the roundabout open for full use.”

There is still work to be done though and a majority of the remaining work will take place in the spring. Simon Contractors will be working during the winter months as weather allows. What needs to be completed includes:

  • Small section of sidewalk
  • Pave the Hollywood Video parking lot
  • Construct a parking lot at the northwest corner of the roundabout
  • Brick work on the islands and edges
  • Landscaping in and around the roundabout
  • Street lighting
  • Permanent pavement markings

Completion of all the work at the roundabout is scheduled for June 1, 2014.

The cost of the roundabout is $4.5 million with the Fifth Penny Sales Tax funding the street, sidewalk and storm sewer improvements. The Board of Public Utilities is funding the water improvements. Simon Contractors of Cheyenne is the general contractor.

You can follow the project on the City’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

During construction, all businesses will be open with public access.


Roundabout Driving Tips

The City of Cheyenne offers these rules for driving the East Pershing/Converse/East 19th Roundabout:

  1. Before you get to the roundabout intersection slow down, think about what direction you want to go and choose the correct lane by observing the overhead signs before arriving at the intersection
  2. Travel speed approaching and in the roundabout should be no more than 20 mph
  3. Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk before you get to the intersection
  4. When you reach the circle look left and yield to the traffic in both lanes of the roundabout
  5. Once you have a safe gap move forward into the intersection
  6. Stay in your lane while in the roundabout and exit the desired street
  7. Turn your right–turn signal on before your intended exit
  8. Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk as you exit the roundabout
  9. Now it is safe to speed up to the posted limit


  1. Use the sidewalk and cross walks do not short-cut through the roundabout
  2. Utilize the crosswalk buttons
  3. Look left and wait for a gap in traffic and cross to the splitter island.
  4. Look to the right, again utilizing the crosswalk button, wait for a gap in traffic and finish crossing


  1. Bicyclists can use the roundabout as a vehicle or exit at the crosswalks, dismount and walk your bike on the sidewalk as a pedestrian. Re-enter the roundabout at the crosswalk on your exit leg.


  • Vehicles entering the roundabout MUST YIELD to vehicles in the roundabout, as well as to pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists are often very hard to see. Always keep an eye out for them.
  • Large vehicles like buses and trucks may need additional width to enter or leave a roundabout. Keep clear of them and always yield to vehicles that are in the roundabout.
  • Do not stop in the roundabout to let others enter, keep moving.
  • If you hear emergency vehicles sirens and you haven’t entered the roundabout, pull over to the side of the road. If you are within the roundabout proceed until you have exited the roundabout and then pull over.
  • If you happen to get in a crash in the roundabout drive/move the vehicles out of the roundabout completely.   Then pull to the side of the road.

To watch a video on how to drive the Roundabout, go to this link: